Are You Facing Criminal Charges?

A criminal charge can upend your life. A  criminal charge is always serious. At Gregory Vincent Alcaro, P.A., we provide the professional representation you need in state or federal court. We aggressively work to minimize the effects of the charges on your life, including any opportunity to obtain a dismissal or reduction in the charges.

We look at the big picture but explain it to you in an understandable manner so you know your options and can make informed decisions for your defense. We are innovative and find outside-the-box solutions, while always protecting your interests and future.

An Aggressive Defense Against Criminal Charges

When you are accused of a crime, that charge could impact you and your family for years to come. Fines could burden your household finances. Jail time could leave you unable to see or provide for your loved ones. A criminal record could haunt you with every background check.

At Gregory Vincent Alcaro, P.A., we understand how much is at stake when criminal charges are on the line. We provide straightforward guidance so that you can make informed decisions and keep you updated as your case moves forward. Let us be the ones to fight on your behalf to limit the damage that a charge can have on your life, your family and your future.

Experience With A Variety Of Criminal Charges

The prospect of navigating the justice system can leave many feeling lost and uncertain where to turn. Criminal court is no place for the inexperienced. We have the skill and knowledge necessary to guide you through this process. We have represented our clients in both state and federal court, and we have experience defending against a variety of charges, including:

  • Drunk driving
  • Assault and other violent crimes
  • Accusations of theft or burglary
  • Drug crimes
  • Firearm violations
  • Federal crimes

We work to protect the rights of our clients at every stage of their criminal case because we understand how the system works. Any communication with the police or prosecutors without counsel carries a high degree of risk. Let us do the talking with the police and protect your interests and your defense.

Explore Your Options With A Skilled Attorney

The state always has the burden of proving the charges against you are worthy. Let us make sure you have the effective defense necessary to raise that bar and hopefully work to get the charges against you reduced, dropped or mitigated.

To schedule a initial consultation and discuss your case with an experienced defense attorney from Gregory Vincent Alcaro, P.A., call 305-912-1232 or email our firm. We assist individuals throughout the Miami area.